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In Colibri Communications We understand that in order to move forward, we must continue working day by day. And that work has to go hand in hand with implementing customized strategies according to the needs that must be covered. To achieve the goals we set, we combine creativity, professionalism and teamwork. Here are some examples of our team in action.

Cultural integration

It was necessary to integrate two companies cultures generated due to company fusion.  To achieve this goal we implemented an internal comms plan.

The purpose was to navigate a successful exit and integrate two high performing teams, with a focus on cultural alignment, employee engagement and agreement. 

We put in place an Internal Communications Plan  led by Corporate Functions Team. 

We considered this challenge as a great opportunity for both sides: workers and companies.

Some of the actions we took were online Team meetings, 1-1 meetings, Events, Communication by different channels  (Mail, Slack, Docs.), Surveying, Cross country travel coordination for leadership.

The acceptance rate was for about +90%. This amount reflected the success of the plan.

Integración cutural
Dearrollo de la Filosofia corporativa

CH Estudio Jurídico
Corporate Philosophy

Corporate philosophy plays a great role when it comes to developing a brand, the CH legal firm asked us to develop their branding in 1 month.

To achieve this, we launched a communication plan that led us in the first instance to understand the fundamentals of the brand, its mission, vision and values. To then build the isologotype, define the communication tone and put together communication pieces such as the Brochure.

All this information led to the creation of the Brand Manual.

Some of the tactics used were online and in-person meetings, defining typography and a gallery of icons and colors, etc.

Onboarding program

 In order to optimize the training of new collaborators to their work team, a complete Onboarding program for New Joiners was developed.

It was detected as a pain point that employees had a hard time understanding the context of the work team where they were going to carry out their tasks. Since Accenture is a large-scale consultant company, new collaborators were lost for the first few days.

In order to solve this embarrassing situation we implemented a Communication and Training plan to ensure that new employees are trained in their new role within 1 month of being admitted.

Some of the actions that were developed Welcome email with basic information about the company and the first day, checking the access of the new user to the applications, StoryTelling, Organization of events, Meeting with HR, PPT of new joiner journey, Document with description of the role, HR Information, document with team organization chart, training tracker, etc.

A survey carried out after the entry of 10 employees showed that the total number of employees in the term of a month were trained to develop their role and knew who to turn to in each instance.

Programa de onboarding
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