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Prevención de crisis de imagen y reputación

Reputation Management and Crisis Communication

At Colibrí Communications we strategically advise management and middle managers, in order to prevent any damage to the brand's reputation, especially in complex moments.
Our approach is proactive, so we believe that everything that can
be prevented does not become a crisis.
We work from the three main stages:


  • Situation statement and potential risks

  • Scenario planning and action plan design

  • Crisis manual

  • Specific training for crises adapted to the needs of each client


  • Media Monitoring and analysis 

  • Team work availableT

  • Public affairs and lobbying

  • Content generation

*Post crisis reconstruction

  • Design and execution of the action plan

  • Logistical support

  • Implementation of necessary actions for the recovery process

  • Analysis of damages and lessons learned.

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